June 15

An Emard
The World is Full of Wonder

Some Clouds is a seasonal, curatorial gathering focused on the temporality of exhibition and display. Some Clouds takes shape as a series of one-day installations and performances, typically presented on a concrete platform within the LA River. Located in Frogtown, these installations are accessed via the bike and pedestrian path at the end of Gilroy Street.

The fourth iteration of Some Clouds was held at A-Z West in June 2023 with a series of installations and performances by LA and High Desert artists, including Lily Clark, Anja Salonen, and Mansi Shah. Please reach out with any questions and we hope to see you at upcoming installations.

These projects require no electricity nor any other public utility and are realized in the ethos of Leave No Trace.

Some Clouds installations are programmed by Chloe Ginnegar in collaboration with Southern California artists working in a variety of mediums. Past iterations have included painting, sculpture, and performance. We held our first series of programs during the summer of 2019, with a hiatus in 2020 due to the pandemic. Our second series ran from May through June 2021 and Some Clouds hosted its third season in June 2022 with Maya Ragazzo, Cameron Cameron, Lily Clark, and Erica Goebel. Our fourth season was held in Joshua Tree and programming is expected to continue around Southern California for the foreseeable future. 

For more info, please email chloeyginnegar@gmail.com